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The Future of Television Entertainment

Why Satellite TV?

More people are making the switch to satellite TV now than ever before. DIRECTV's satellite TV systems are high tech, high performance and deliver first-class entertainment to homes and businesses across the country. And best of all, DIRECTV transmits a 100% digital satellite TV signal!

If you are comparing satellite TV companies, look no further than DIRECTV. Always on the cutting edge of entertainment, DIRECTV's next-generation satellites will deliver unparalleled HD service to customers. And DIRECTV, unlike other satellite TV providers, delivers local channels free of charge.

Satellite TV vs. Cable

If you're considering cable television over satellite TV, think again. With satellite television from DIRECTV, you'll get access to some of the most cutting-edge entertainment technologies on the market today! And compared to cable, DIRECTV offers the most full-time HD channels, more movies with a 1080p HD picture – the same format at Blu-ray™ and is the first TV provider to launch dedicated 3D channels!

And perhaps more importantly, for the 16th year in a row, DIRECTV rated higher in customer satisfaction than cable. As compared to the major subscription TV cable providers: 2001-2017 ACSI surveys of customers rating their own tv provider's performance.

DIRECTV Satellite TV Installation

While some satellite TV companies may charge for standard installation, DIRECTV does not. Local professionals are available, sometimes the very next day, to get you started enjoying satellite TV. Standard installation includes secure mounting of your dish, receiver connection in up to 4 rooms and a quick tutorial on using your new satellite TV system. All you need to receive DIRECTV programming is a clear view of the southern sky. Most DIRECTV dishes are installed on rooftops, but it's also possible to use a deck, balcony or pole mount if necessary. As long as your satellite dish is correctly positioned, you will be able to receive DIRECTV broadcast signals. The majority of DIRECTV customers will need only one dish.

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